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Jacob Lawson

Gameplay Programmer

Hi, I'm Jacob, a games programmer who has just completed their final year at the university of Gloucestershire. At university I was nominated for the best programmer award.

On this site you can view some of the projects I have had the pleasure of contributing to alongside many of my hobby and personal game projects over the years.

2021 Showcase


Planet Mush boasts a cute aesthetic and calming gameplay focused around collecting mushrooms from different environments on a planet in outer space and planting them on the homestead’s farm to create ‘Shroom Brew,’ which the player can sell to Earth to gain in-game currency. By defending their farm from monsters and selling their brew, the player can upgrade their tools and farming equipment to create higher quality brew.

Lead Programmer

My Contributions

  • Inventory systems

  • Crafting system

  • Farm gameplay

  • Day and night cycles

  • Enemy state machine AI

  • Combat

  • Save/load system

  • Mission/quest system

  • tutorial design

  • Shaders


Team Lead / Lead Programmer

MIRROR CHROME is a short platform - puzzle game where the player controls a small robot that can flip between the platforms and their reflection. The player must use this ability solve puzzles and progress to each stages exit.

My Contributions

  • 2D Character controller

  • Mechanic programming

  • save/load system

  • Organising team with regular meetings


Contract Gameplay Programmer

Based on the traditional fairytale of ‘Hansel and Gretel’, you as the player will step in the shoes as one of the children. Escaping the clutches of the witch is not as easy as once thought. You must complete a series of puzzles presented within the Witches house, in completing each one, an element towards breaking the spell on the house is unlocked. But beware, whilst trying to escape, the Witch is hunting you down.

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