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Contract Gameplay Programmer

Based on the traditional fairytale of ‘Hansel and Gretel’, you as the player will step in the shoes as one of the children. Escaping the clutches of the witch is not as easy as once thought. You must complete a series of puzzles presented within the Witches house, in completing each one, an element towards breaking the spell on the house is unlocked. But beware, whilst trying to escape, the Witch is hunting you down.

OpenGL Scene rendering with shaders

Low level programming and graphics programming modules

Using OpenGL and GLFW library I built a basic obj. model loader. Alongside that I also built a scene that supports multiple lights and various different shaders.

  • Fragment and Vertex shaders

  • Tessellation Shaders

  • Render Targets and offscreen buffers

    • Shadows​

    • reflections

  • Lighting

  • Geometry Shaders

  • Model Loading

Entity Component System with boids simulation

High level programming module

For this Assignment I built an entity component framework from scratch in C++. This framework was then used to create a boids simulation.

Network Programming

Network programming module

Using the Raknet library in C++ I programmed a very simple bomber man clone that uses client/server networking for multiplayer.

  • Client/Server Networking

  • User logins

  • Packet authentication

ASCII Lunar Lander

Games Programming and Mathematics module

An ASCII console terminal version of Lunar Lander I wrote in my first year of university. This version features procedurally generated terrain and landing positions alongside High scores.

Vertical Scrolling Shooter

Games Programming and Mathematics module

A vertically scrolling arcade space shooter written in C++ with the OLC: pixel game engine 1.0. making use of a custom maths library for sprite transformations and collisions.

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